Muni Minute / Men’s Night

Hello Everyone

Just a quick remark about Men’s night, our league is about to start next Wednesday May 9th. I have had 125 guys say or have one of their group members say that they will be playing in the league this season but have only had 95 actually come in and pay. If you are one of the remaining 30 could you please make an effort to contact me so I know your a firm yes and we can get our list together for our Sunday night draft. Also we are still looking for about 4 captains to help pick the teams. Captains responsibilities are very minimal as all it requires is to have a fun night this Sunday at 6:30pm selecting players to a team, and giving your team a name. Lastly if you are new to the league I do require some sort of estimate on what your handicap would be so we can get you into the right flight faster. I have caught a few of you but if I haven’t a quick email with an average score would be great.

Also don’t forget our Members Opening is also coming up very quickly, registration deadline is Wednesday May 9th for the Saturday May 12th event. The sign up sheet can be found at the pro shop counter and I hope to see lots of our members out for a fun day of golf.

Dates to Remembers:

Sunday May 6th-  6:30pm Men’s Day Draft

Tuesday May 8th- 4pm-6pm- Ladies Night starts

Wednesday May 9th- Men’s Day starts

Wednesday May 9th- Opening Scramble registration deadline (register at Pro shop counter)

Saturday May 12th- 11am- Members Club opening scramble


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