Muni Minute

Hello Everyone

This week saw the true start to the golf season, with the weather finally cooperating we were able to get things cut, get carts out on the course and also open up the Driving range. It also was the start of our Men’s and Ladies Leagues and the support was unreal, both nights the parking lot was packed with Tuesday having over 50 ladies play and our Wednesday Men’s league having 120 players join this season. (for anyone looking to find the men’s day stats or the weekly blog, it can be found at or on the website under the Leagues header and Men’s League with a clickable link at bottom of page)

Our Members Opening Scramble is this Saturday at 11am with a Lasagna and Caesar salad meal to follow. Thank you to everyone who has signed up and paid by the Wednesday deadline. We have a good number of members signed up to enjoy the day, and we are hoping for nothing but warm sunny skies. If Saturday for some reason happens to be bad weather and we can’t play, (which is highly unlikely) we will still be holding the meal at 3:30pm and encourage you to still come out socialize and enjoy the clubhouse.

Dates to Remembers:


Saturday May 12th- 11am- Members Club opening scramble

Saturday May 26th- 11am- Army Navy Opening (sign up at Army Navy)

Till next time.


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