Muni Jr. Program



Letter to our players and parents!!!

To the participants of the Stratford Municipal Golf Association Monday morning Junior program.

This program was started a number of years ago (12 – 20).  At the time there were a number of instructors available that were able to teach the technical aspects of golf.  This instructor pool has dwindled over the years and the current instructors are spread thin and not always available.

Also in the initial stages of the program the juniors started at approximately 9 years of age.  Over the years the age group of juniors that attend has now dropped to 6 years of age.  This has increased the daily average attendance and put extra strain on the instructor time.

With the increased number in daily attendance there has been a need for more non-instructor volunteers to assist the instructors and to act as mentors to marshal the players on the course.  Ideally it would be best to have one mentor with each foursome on the course.  This is not always possible and so some mentors are taking 8 or more players in a group and playing a modified scramble to move around the course.

A number of the current volunteers have been involved for a few years now as their children and grandchildren pass through the program.  They, myself included, are ready or soon will be ready to pass the torch to the next group that wishes to run some sort of Junior program.

With all that being stated it is time for the program to evolve.

What is needed for this year is that if anyone is available to assist the instructors and/or walk on the course to mentor the groups then please show up and I will get you started.

For the program to continue in the current format, for next season, we would need someone to come forward to learn what is being done and to organize instructors and volunteers.  Without a new leader, the junior committee is considering an alternative program.  One idea is to run a golf camp for a week in the summer.

Steven Nesbitt                                 Chairperson of the Junior Committee



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