Sr. Games Week 1.

Our first week of the Muni Senior’s Golf League got underway on Thursday morning June 1st. A total of 20 players participated in our opening game of a Vegas Scramble. The winning team was Ken Rielly, KJ Tashi, Don Moon and John Brown. Second place went to the Joe McDonald team and there was a tie for 3rd with the Bill Roach team rolling the Dice for the third place finish. The sign up sheet is on the Board for the next event on June 8th. There is 9 hole and 18 hole events this year and schedules are available from the front counter. We have adopted a $3.00 fee for each event, $2.00 will be paid out to the winners and $1.00 will go towards the final Meal at the end of the season.
The Senior’s Events is open to ALL Senior’s at the Muni and Hoping to see you at our next Event…
Committee Members
Bob Hughes
Larry Chessell
Bud Dixon

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