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Spring is going to give us a little taste of warmth this Thursday only to follow it up with a Colorado low for the weekend bringing cold temperatures and a ton of rain. I am keeping faith that golf is right around the corner though and we have been chipping away at the course (when the weather has allowed us) trying to make sure that once the golfing weather does arrive we can get you out as fast as possible!! For the time being I am really hoping that we can have our member clean up day on Saturday April 21st at 10am, the support the last few years has been amazing and its a huge help in getting the course cleaned up for the season.

We have had some great volunteers out this week planting 25 new tree on the property. Thank you Dan Martin, Dean Sharp and Carol Sharp for digging these 25 holes and putting in the trees. Also a huge thanks to Riley Walsh Construction for picking up and delivering these trees. (Photos on Facebook page)

Now for the good stuff Opening Day!!! I have my eyes set on hopefully being able to open Saturday April 21st at 12pm following our course clean up. This is a very tentative date and if the weather turns before this we will try and get open prior, but if it gets worst I plan on being open Monday April 23rd no matter what!! Updates will be given as these dates near including cart status and range opening.

I hope everyone is as excited for the 2018 season at the Muni as I am and even though April has not been the month we have all been hoping for the predictions once this cold breaks look amazing for Golf.

Dates to Remembers:

Wednesday April 18th- 7pm- Men’s Day Meeting in clubhouse

Saturday April 21st- 10am- Member spring clean up day (volunteer BBQ to follow)

Saturday April 21st-12pm- Tentative Opening*****

Monday April 23rd- OPEN!!!

Saturday April 28th- 10am- Ladies night meeting and coffee

Tuesday May 8th- 4pm-6pm- Ladies Night starts

Wednesday May 9th- Men’s Day starts

Saturday May 12th- 11am- Members Club opening scramble

See everyone soon.


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